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Deals in all kind of Wires, Cables & Earthing Material & Non-Ferrous Metals
(Copper, Brass, Zinc, Lead, Iron wire strips bars, rods, coal, salt etc.)


Bansal Enterprises

"JSS" Wires & Cables is one of the biggest name in Wires & Cables Industry. It is our quality continuousness and trust which has lined us in the leading names of the industry. "JSS" Wires & Cables manufactures the widest range of quality cables with highly recommended accreditations like ISI, FIATAC etc.

The Conductor

Multistrand flexible Wires are drawn with Electrolytic Copper 99.9% pure, highly annealed providing higher current carrying capacity and low resistance compared to other wires.

The Insulation

JSS Wires & Cables are insulated with specially formulated PVC compound developed by DCM Shri Ram Consolidated Ltd. (KOTA) capable of withstanding higher conductor temperature (105oC) and higher Intermittent temperature (150oC). This enable our wires safe & secure during continuous usage.

Quality Control

To serve you best quality product we have modern machineries and well equipped laboratory, where the conduct all the tests such as :

  • High Voltage Test at 6KV - to ensure with standing Capacity of cables.
  • On line Spark Test - For proper PVC insulation.
  • Resistance and Annealing Test - To ensure quality Copper.
  • Ageing & Elongation Test - To ensure Life of PVC Insulation.
  • Flammability Test - To ensure Fire retardant Quality.
  • Insulation Resistance - To ensure current carrying capacity.
  • Other Tests - Hot deformation, Shrinkage, Heat Shock, Tensile Test etc.